As we all know, Staying hydrated is extremely important for your overall health. But the big question most people ask is HOW are they supposed to drink 8 8oz glasses each day!!  WELL – did you know there are other ways to stay hydrated?

19 – and more – Water-Rich Foods That Help You Stay Hydrated

1. Watermelon
Water content: 92%

2. Strawberries
Water content: 91%

3. Cantaloupe
Water content: 90%

4. Peaches
Water content: 89%

5. Oranges
Water content: 88%

6. Skim Milk
Water content: 91%

7. Cucumber
Water content: 95%

8. Lettuce
Water content: 96%

9. Broths and Soups
Water content: 92%

10. Zucchini
Water content: 94%

11. Celery
Water content: 95%

12. Plain Yogurt
Water content: 88%

13. Tomatoes
Water content: 94%

14. Bell Peppers
Water content: 92%

15. Cauliflower
Water content: 92%

17. Grapefruit
Water content: 88%

18. Coconut Water
Water content: 95%

19. Cottage Cheese
Water content: 80%

Are There Foods That Dehydrate You?
Some foods and drinks to avoid in large amounts include:

Alcoholic drinks
Caffeinated drinks (which can increase urination)
Processed meats like cold cuts, salami, etc.
Frozen, canned and jarred foods that are high in sodium, such as condiments, frozen meals, etc.

Final Thoughts

In addition to drinking plain water and other fluids, hydrating foods can help you to consume the right amount of water you need each day to feel your best.

Some of the most water-rich foods, many of which also provide other electrolytes, include: fresh veggies (along with green smoothies and veggie soups), fruits (including fruit smoothies, pops and sauces), yogurt and kefir, broths and soups.

On the other hand, some drinks and foods to avoid include those with alcohol, caffeine and too much added sodium.

Whether you’re an athlete, or just trying to eat a balanced diet, examples of hydrating meals can include: salads with chopped veggies, oatmeal topped with fruit, yogurt and fruit smoothies, veggie and herb stews, and vegetable stir-fries.


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